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List of Publications





  • Lavee, Einat. (2023). “Are public sector organizations still relevant for poverty reduction? Frontline workers’ personal resources and the centrality of trust.” Current Sociology.

  • Lavee, Einat. (2022). “Changes in State Responsibility for Citizens: The Phenomenon of Personal Resources Provided by Social Services Providers to their Clients.” Israeli Sociology.


Book Chapters

  • Lavee, Einat. (2020). “The Exchange of Sex for Material Resources”, In: Kuronen, Marjo et al., (Eds.), Women, Vulnerabilities and Welfare Service Systems. Routledge.

  • Lavee, Einat. (2017). "Care Work as Shaping Low-income Mothers’ Survival Strategies in Consumer Society." In: Brayer-Garev, Rona, Ulmert, Dana, Kazzin, Orna and Yofi Tirrosh (Eds). Capitalism and Gender, Jerusalem: The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Articles in Conference Proceedings

  • Lavee, Einat. (2022). "Between inclusive leadership and excluding practices: Leaders’ encouragement of extra-role engagement among frontline social services providers." Academy of Management Proceedings. 


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