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Grants, Awards & Honors

GRANTS & Research

2023-2025: "Voluntary and Involuntary Overqualification in the Arab Population in Israel, and Employee Well-Being", (With Shani Pindak) National Insurance Institute of Israel (137,000 NIS)

2022-2025: "Informal Resources Provided by Frontline Public Servants to Clients in Multiple Professional Locations: An Exploration of Influences and Pressures", The Israel Science Foundation (ISF) (1,057,000 NIS)


"Single Mothers who Work in Poverty", The Joint (47,000 NIS)


"Establishing Qualitative Tool for Measuring Poverty", The National Insurance Institute of Israel (192,000 NIS).


"Understanding obstacles to poverty alleviation in diverse social positions:

Obstacles to employment, obstacles to rights and services actualization and changes in the formation of income set" (with Menachem Monnickendam and Orly Benjamin), The National Insurance Institute of Israel (40,000$). 


"Low-Income Women’s Survival Strategies under Changing Structural Contexts", The National Insurance Institute of Israel (8,000$). 



2023: Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

2016: Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Grant- Renewal ($51,000).

2016: Dan David Prize for Poverty Research ($15,000).


2015: Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Grant ($48,000).


2014: Bar-Ilan Post-Doctoral Grant for Outstanding Ph.D. Students ($40,000).

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