Participation in Scientific Conferences

June 2019

Workshop on Women and Vulnerabilities, Helsinki, Finland (Presenter).

May 2019

International Workshop on Street-Level Bureaucrats Policy Entrepreneurship, The University of Haifa (Presenter and discussant).


March 2019

The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) annual conference, Washington, D.C. (Presenter).

February 2019

ESPAnet-Israel, The Ninth Annual Conference on Social Policy, Rupin Academic College (Presenter). 

January 2019

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, University of Haifa (Presenter).

September 2018

The 2018 European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) Annual Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland (Presenter). 

February 2018

ESPAnet-Israel, The Ninth Annual Conference on Social Policy, The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, Israel  (Presenter). 

June 2018

Work and Family Research Network Conference, Washington D.C. (Presenter).

January 2018

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, Ben-Gurion University, Israel (Presenter).

November 2017

The Nineteenth National Conference of Social Workers in Israel, David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv (Presenter).

November 2017

International Symposium on Public Administration in Asia: Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, China (Presenter).

June 2017

International Conference on Public Policy, Singapore (Presenter).

April 2017

Annual Conference,  Urban Affairs Association, Minneapolis, Ma, USA (Presenter).

March 2017

ESPAnet-Israel, The Eight annual Conference on Social Policy, Bar-Ilan University, Israel (Presenter).

January 2017

Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA (Presenter). 

June 2016

Work and Family Research Network Conference, Washington D.C. (Presenter). 

February 2016

ESPAnet-Israel, The Seventh Annual Conference on Social Policy, University of Haifa, Israel (Presenter). 

January 2015

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College, Israel (Presenter). 

June 2014

Work and Family Research Network Conference, New-York (Chair and presenter).

June 2014

Association for Israeli Studies Annual International Meeting, Ben-Gurion University, Israel (Presenter).

May 2014

Israeli Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College, Israel (Presenter).

August 2013

American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New-York (Presenter). 

June 2013

Association for Israeli Studies Annual International Meeting, UCLA, LA (Presenter). 

February 2013

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel (Presenter). 

August 2012

ESPAnet Doctoral Workshop, Southampton, UK (Presenter). 

June 2012

Association for Israeli Studies Annual International Meeting, University of Haifa, Israel (Presenter).

June 2012

Work and Family Research Network Conference, New-York (Presenter).


September 2011

European Sociological Association Annual Conference, Geneva, Switzerland (Presenter).

March 2010

The Israeli Association of Political Science Annual Meeting, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel (Presenter).

February 2010

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, The Western Galilee College, Israel (Presenter).

February 2008

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, Tel-Aviv University, Israel (Presenter).

February 2006

Israeli Sociology Society Annual Meeting, Bar Ilan University, Israel (Presenter).




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